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This website might not be updated with new extensions but might still get tutorials, articles, code snippets and other stuff in future. For assets like, behaviors, actions, shader , plugins, demos etc. Visit page here Follow me there so that you will get notification whenever I post something new or update any existing assets.

Being a Neophyte!!

Neophyte is a website developed to provide tutorials, assets and source files of CopperCube projects. If you want us to provide tutorials or example files regarding a specific topic then don't hesitate to use the contact us button below. You can also use the BUY button to purchase CopperCube license through affiliated links.

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What's New?

Recently posted Assets
Encryption / Decryption
Action 22-09-2023 

A CopperCube action allows you to encrypt a file and decrypt a file using an encryption key.

Action Dialogue Manager
Dialogue Manager Update 1.2
Action 22-09-2023 v1.2

An update to the CopperCube action, this update introduce major changes to the code with Rollbacking, variables, choice based selections and much more.

Coppercube Licenses

Below is the comparison between different licenses, For detailed info visit official website of CopperCube.
One time payment. No monthly subscriptions. Buy once, have it for all time.
Dollars and other currencies are displayed on the 'Purchase' page.


  • Free edition of CopperCube
  • FREE!
  • Unlimited scenes and apps
  • No royalties
  • No revenue limit
  • Publish to Windows, Mac, Android, WebGL


  • Professional edition + client source code
  • 126 €
  • All features from professional edition
  • Android client source
  • Windows client source (VS 2017)
  • Mac client source (VS 2017)


  • Free edition + post-processing effects, video playback and customizable startup logo.
  • 37 €
  • All features from free edition
  • Post processing effects
  • Video playback
  • Customizable loading screen logo
  • Command line interface

Note:- Purchase from this page is affiliated which means that we get commission for every purchase you make through this page. This is a great way to support this website and CopperCube developer.


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Neophyte is a website developed to provide tutorials, assets and source files of CopperCube projects.

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